Bladder Cancer Detection with EarlyTect® BCD

Hematuria is one of the most common symptoms in urinalysis, and it is standard practice to perform a urine cystoscopy to check for bladder cancer. However, only 5% to 20% of hematuria patients are found to have bladder cancer. Therefore, to have all hematuria patients undergo an invasive procedure that is both difficult to perform and very uncomfortable for the patient to endure brings a need for a different alternative. Promis Diagnostics introduces EarlyTect® BCD, a non-invasive urine test. Using the methylated biomarker PENK, we add an additional step to the gold standard. All individuals with gross- and micro-hematuria can use EarlyTect® BCD to check for bladder cancer.*

A positive result may indicate the presence of bladder cancer and should be followed by a diagnostic cystoscopic examination. A negative result indicates a lower likelihood of bladder cancer. Patients with negative EarlyTect® test results should be advised to continue participating in a recommended bladder cancer screening program according to screening guidelines.

*Patients who are at high risk for bladder cancer should consult a physician before using EarlyTect® BCD
  • Non-invasive: It does not require any invasive procedures such as biopsies or surgeries. This makes it a less painful and less risky option.
  • Convenient: Simple and easy to collect and can be done at home or at the doctor’s office.
  • Early detection: Urine tests are highly sensitive and can detect bladder cancer in its early stages.
  • Cost-effective: Less expensive than other diagnostic tests, such as cystoscopy or biopsies, making it a more cost-effective option.

Performance of EarlyTect® BCD for Hematuria Patients

*: Overall, #: Ta-HG and higher stages

EarlyTect® Bladder Cancer Detection was evaluated in the prospective and retrospective studies. Subjects included individuals with symptoms of gross- and micro-hematuria. Results of EarlyTect® BCD delivered a high sensitivity and NPV for Ta high-grade or advanced stage of bladder cancer.

EarlyTect® Bladder Cancer Brochure