EarlyTect BCD® Accepted for Publication in the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics

Irvine, California, May 24, 2023

Urine-Based Bladder Cancer Test, EarlyTect® BCD has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics. The study, titled “Evaluation of Sensitive Urine DNA-based PENK Methylation Test for Detecting Bladder Cancer in Patients with Hematuria,” showcases the test’s effectiveness in identifying bladder cancer in patients experiencing hematuria. The non-invasive test demonstrated over 90% sensitivity in detecting early-stage bladder cancer, potentially revolutionizing diagnosis and improving patient outcomes. This significant milestone highlights the test’s effectiveness in detecting bladder cancer in patients with hematuria, offering a promising non-invasive approach for early diagnosis.

Further research and clinical validation studies are already underway to refine and expand the application of EarlyTect® BCD, with the goal of making this cutting-edge technology widely accessible to medical professionals and patients. The potential to detect bladder cancer at an early stage through a simple urine test brings hope for improved prognosis and treatment outcomes for countless individuals worldwide.

EarlyTect® BCD received FDA Breakthrough Designation in April this year, acknowledging its revolutionary potential to transform bladder cancer diagnosis.