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Promis Partners With UCLA VA to Evaluate Effectiveness of Bladder Cancer Diagnosis

Pasadena, California, August 1, 2021

Cancer diagnostics company Promis Diagnostics announced on Monday that it has partnered with UCLA VA Hospital to evaluate Promis’ urine-based DNA methylation test for the detection of bladder cancer.

About 2,000 patients with microscopic and macroscopic hematuria will be recruited as a part of this Promis – UCLA VA program, which is expected to begin in October of 2021.

Urine samples will be collected by UCLA VA and sent to Promis for analysis with Promis’ diagnostic test called CystoChek. CystoChek, built from Promis’ proprietary molecular biomarker technology, identifies and analyzes the subtle changes in DNA methylation patterns, detecting tumor cells in urine.

Promis’ diagnostic results will be collated with UCLA VA’s clinical results and analyzed independently by UCLA VA. This program is to be completed and finalized in September of 2022.

“After this collaboration with UCLA VA, we plan to conduct a multi‐site prospective study to further evaluate CystoChek. Our ultimate goal is to use the biomarkers to detect cancers in their early stages which can dramatically increase the survival rates,” Sungwhan An, CEO and founder of Promis, said in a statement.

About Promis Diagnostics

Promis Dx has developed and commercialized DNA methylation biomarker-based non-invasive cancer molecular diagnostic products for early detection of cancer (colorectal, lung, bladder cancer, etc.), and is in the process of developing products for companion diagnostics of cancer and various infectious diseases. Based in Pasadena, California, Promis Dx is CAP accredited, CLIA certified, and CDPH licensed laboratory. www.promisdx.com